Best indicators for binary options trading in the UAE

Best indicators for binary options

Buying and selling binary options is a tremendous opportunity for any trader, and anticipating risk and making a profit is the main goal!

The key idea of ​​this type of asset is to make a profit if the agreed conditions are met at the specified time, or in the absence of profit, if the conditions are not met at the specified time.

By analogy with other types of options, binary options are divided into the following types:

  • Call / Put. It implies a forecast of the direction of movement of value relative to the moment of purchase of an asset;
  • One Touch / No Touch. The trader predicts the achievement of a certain price level or the impossibility of this before the expiration point;
  • In / Out. The forecast is made either for the price movement within the corridor, or for its breakdown (until expiration), etc.

The simplicity and availability of trading strategies in the binary options market is one of the components of the success of this asset.

Popular indicators for chart analysis
Popular indicators for chart analysis

One of the main conditions for success is an accurate forecast of price changes in the future. And the most common method of analysis is technical analysis.

Technical analysis is a basic and very important stage of analysis, since it allows you to clearly determine the type of the current trend - upward or downward. To identify the type of trend and its duration, financial analysts use a variety of tools, such as basic technical analysis patterns, charts, or various best indicators for binary options.

Trend lines (tendencies) can be of three types - bullish (uptrend), downtrend (bearish) trend, as well as a sideways or flat trend (also called flat).

However, price is an extremely volatile indicator and one trend can be replaced by another in a short period of time.

To try and predict price direction as accurately as possible, indicators are often used. Here are some of them that many recognize as the best binary options indicators:

  • Moving averages are built by calculating the average value of a traded instrument over a certain time period. As a rule, they are formed using the closing prices;
  • Parabolic SAR is both a reversal and trend following technical sign. This is a solid foundation for a trading strategy, the main thing is to know the nuances of using the technical sign in binary options trading;
  • The alligator consists of three exponential moving averages. It allows not only to accurately determine the direction of the current trend, but also its intensity;
  • Stochastic Oscillator is considered by many to be the most informative, and therefore the best binary options indicator. Its effectiveness is explained by its increased sensitivity to changes in the financial market sentiment, therefore, unlike many lagging technical signы, the stochastic oscillator generates relevant trading signals;
  • MACD is very effective in finding the beginning of a new market trend, which is an urgent task. The most accurate MACD signals are obtained during times of high market volatility;
  • Bollinger lines are made up of the central moving line and two side lines. If the moving average reflects the average value of prices, then sideways - volatility, that is, the spread of prices. The larger it is, the higher the volatility. With an increase in volatility, the price bands of the corridors expand and vice versa, with a decrease in volatility, they become narrower. The position of the moving average tells us the direction of the market etc.

Some strategies involve the use of several indicators at the same time, for example, the Tunnel Strategy contains the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Linear Weighted Moving Average (WMA) and RSI sign.

Binary options - the choice is yours
Binary options - the choice is yours

The opinion about this or that technical sign is subjective and everyone chooses for himself the best binary options indicator from a huge number of varieties.

Graphical analysis in binary options is distinguished as a separate type of analysis along with technical and fundamental.

There are 2 main types that you can find on the platform:

  1. Japanese candles. A classic chart that allows you to build separate, independent strategies. The body of the candlestick displays the opening and closing prices, the color is the rising or falling trend, the shadows are the daily highs and lows. The candle gives the most necessary information about the market with only one nuance: in case of news release, the candle can be redrawn very quickly. Therefore, online candlestick analysis strategies are used either in calm markets, or in conjunction with the economic calendar;

  2. Linear graph. This type of display of the asset price in real time is the choice of novice traders. Candles are difficult for beginners to understand, especially in cases where you need to make a quick decision. Therefore, to buy a binary option, 1-2 technical signs are superimposed on the line, an oscillator is added, and a position is opened when all the conditions coincide.

Charts are often a standalone trading strategy or part of a complex trading tactic.

Binary options trading strategy

Let's take a look at some of the main approaches to binary options trading. These approaches were designed to help you, but you can always use your own trading methods. In any case, the same strategy will show different results for different traders. The emotional state of the trader, his experience and attentiveness and other factors are superimposed.

A properly created trading system allows a trader to solve the following tasks:

  • Selection of an asset.
  • Signals for entering the market.
  • Risk. It determines the value of a binary option.

Many strategies boil down to studying fundamental analysis and understanding the general trend.

Such analysis has a long-term perspective, because the impact of truly important events is not limited to a couple of hours or even days. With the help of fundamental analysis, you will be able to understand and "see" the main trend of the selected asset, the general direction in which the market will develop. Factors include company news, political environment that may affect, for example, the price of the dollar or oil, etc.

Short-term options include binary options, the expiration period of which ranges from 1 minute to several days. In this type of trading, indicator and chart strategies are most often used. As the name implies, they are based on one or more of the best indicators for binary options or charts.

You should have an understanding of how each indicator is calculated and testing how it works in real time.

Many technical signs look very impressive on historical data, but they show far from ambiguous results when they operate with fluctuating current prices.

Choose your binary options strategy
Choose your binary options strategy

Here is an example of a strategy that combines 2 DMI technical signals and Bollinger Bands. DMI is a trend sign. If you set it on a price chart, you will find two lines, the behaviour of which relative to each other will signal the trader about the presence or absence of a trend. If the DMI bands intersect, there is no trend movement, and accordingly there is no reason to enter the market. Bollinger Bands are multiple lines on a chart. Usually this is a moving average and two lines deviating from it. When the price of the instrument rises and touches the upper Bollinger band, it is necessary to wait for the reversal and enter the market with a short position. If the price falls and has already touched the lower Bollinger band, it is time to enter the market with a long position after the price reversal. The combination of these two types of indicators allows the trader to avoid entering the market during unstable periods.

Don't limit yourself. Some people prefer to use technical analysis or chart patterns. Others still rely on global and financial information. Still others use more complex trading systems. The best option is to try and combine different strategies.

There are many variations of trading strategies that dealers can use to mitigate their risks. These plans can include a stop loss that can be used when the trader believes the costs have reached a predetermined limit. Some approaches may also require leverage, which allows traders to increase or decrease the amount of money they invest when trading binary options.

When it comes to binary options trading strategies, there is no "one" way to win. Every strategy you use can fail as well as make different traders strong, which means you have to be open-minded about the approaches you use. Remember, your goal is to pick winning binary options trades. Do your research and be careful.

Indicators of binary options on the online platform

If you are just starting out, or perhaps you do not have enough knowledge in trading, then binary options trading technical signs may not be able to provide you with the correct trading signals that you need.

To make it easier for you to place your bets, there are online trading platforms that will help you. They will provide you with the best binary options indicators and will also guide you through the training with a video course or a demo account. All you need is to register, it will take just a couple of minutes, after which you can open an account for trading.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

For novice dealers, the best way to better understand the binary trading system is through demo accounts. These reports allow you to make purchases and sales with virtual money and practice your plan without any financial risk. It also allows you to determine if such an investment vehicle is right for your requirements.

If you want to immediately make a real purchase, then you can open a real trading account. It will allow you to buy and sell assets in the trading terminal. And you can start with a small deposit. Be careful and follow the main rule of trading - do not invest all your capital in the stock exchange game. Start small and you will succeed in time!

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Education, reading financial literature, acquaintance with the experience of successful traders will expand your horizons and open up new prospects for development, do not stop learning and practising, and you will be successful in the world of binary options.

Experts recommend using several forms of indicators when trading binary options. The reason is that the more technical signs you use, the more reliable the predictions you can make and the more likely you are to predict market behaviour.

In such a situation, the good thing is that there is a wide range of indicators. Traders often argue about the best indicator for binary options. The answer is simple: almost every trader has an algorithm and a plan that suits him and makes it easier to make decisions when trading. Trading is not the easiest thing to do as it comes with various risks. Regardless, experienced traders can make profits. Good luck!

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