Cryptocurrency will not replace traditional versions of money. But its role in a modernized developed society will only grow. The time will come when the cryptocurrency system will completely replace the existing mechanisms for the exchange of goods and become the main payment unit. Such forecasts are heard from the lips of specialists much more often.

What is Dash? 

Dash is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency designed as an alternative to Bitcoin with a higher level of security. Dash cryptocurrency, also known as Darkcoin or XCoin, is completely decentralized and does not depend on external regulators. The Dash currency was created in January 2014 by programmers Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz. The idea itself appeared much earlier back in 2010, when Evan Duffield first got acquainted with blockchain technology.

Transfers on the Dash network are much faster than on Bitcoin. The system does not verify and identify the sender of funds, so financial transactions take place almost instantly and without violating the anonymity of the token holder.

How to buy Dash?
How to buy Dash?

Despite the fact that this Dash cryptocurrency is based on the bitcoin code, it has several significant differences.

  • PrivateSend. Makes all financial transactions on the Dash network completely anonymous by adding a certain number of identical transaction inputs from different users and sending funds to several different outputs.
  • InstantSend. Instant payment technology developed by Evan Duffield. Using this mechanism allows you to instantly confirm a transaction through a masternode. InstantSend transactions take 1 to 4 seconds. Masternode commission for instant payment is 0.01 DASH.
  • X11 Algorithm. The developers abandoned the traditional Scrypt and SHA-256 mining algorithms. Instead, they created the X11 algorithm. It is a combination of 11 cryptographic algorithms and complicates the use of ASIC miners. At the same time, mining on X11 requires 30% less electricity than mining cryptocurrencies on Scrypt.
  • Decentralized management system. All decisions on changes in the code are made by general voting. Each member of the community can offer their ideas for the development of cryptocurrency. To put the project up for voting, you will have to pay a commission of 5 DASH.

How does Dash work? 

DASH maintains its reputation as the most decentralized blockchain ecosystem thanks to the DAPI programming interface. This is an open platform where business structures and individual programmers can develop their own software to interact with the Dash blockchain. The main work is done by masternodes, verifying transactions and maintaining a high speed of any operations on the network.

Where does Dash come from? 

The Decentralized Governance (DAO) concept provides for the possibility of participation of each member of the community in the development of the project and the absence of the need for large computing resources to support the health of the ecosystem. The mining algorithm for this cryptocurrency is more complex than SHA-256, or Scrypt, and consists of eleven hash functions.

What makes Dash unique? 

DASH developers were the first to launch a decentralized blockchain governance regime called DGBB (Decentralized Governance by Blockchain). It is the master nodes that are the main participants in the voting, and can also make their own proposals for the modernization of the DASH payment network.

Where to buy Dash in the UAE? 

Information about Dash on the platform
Information about Dash on the platform

You can buy Dash on popular exchanges and brokerage trading platforms. Dash is considered a promising and reliable asset, which is why it is on the lists of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.

An alternative way to invest in Dash is to trade CFDs on a brokerage trading platform. You are simply speculating on the rise and fall of Dash rates. Regardless of the movement of the asset price, whether it goes up or down, you can earn money without owning, buying or selling the Dash cryptocurrency itself.

How do I start investing in Dash in the UAE? 

Dash cryptocurrency prices change every second. This is its fundamental difference from traditional stock markets. The cryptocurrency is sold 24/7. In the situation with cryptocurrencies, it is quite difficult to determine the factors that can affect the movement of their price. From here, we'll look at Dash investing strategies. They can be conditionally divided into two: active and passive trading.

How to Invest in Dash?
How to Invest in Dash?

Active scalping (trading on very short time intervals - time frames), intraday on hourly and four-hour charts (the most common time frames among traders), daily (time frame - day), and so on. A timeframe is a time interval for which quotes are grouped on a price chart. That is, the timeframe of 15 minutes collects the actions of traders into one candlestick, shows the prices of opening and closing positions for these 15 minutes. Passive is a periodic exit to trade to rebalance the cryptocurrency portfolio.

If a trader decides to invest in Dash in the UAE in an active or passive mode, then he must find the optimal entry points for himself into the deal. To determine such a point, you need to rely on the behavior of traders over a certain period of time. Where did the price move, what chart patterns did the coin play. Based on this, what prices can be in the near future or in the long term (behavior can be repeated, it often happens that a certain pattern on the chart also follows a certain pattern).

One of the key terms in investing in Dash is “long” - long, and “short” - short.

A long position (or long) characterizes the traditional situation in which an investor buys an asset with the expectation that its value will rise. The point of a long position is to buy an asset while it is cheap and sell it when it appreciates. A long position is one of the most popular trades in the stock market. Its mechanism is the easiest to understand, and therefore newcomers to the exchange usually start with it.

An investor opens a short position (or short) in the hope of making a profit from a fall in market quotes. It means that an investor borrows securities that are falling in price from a broker and sells in order to buy them again after a while, but at a reduced price and, accordingly, to make a profit again. In this case, he borrows securities from a broker and sells them at the current price, and later, after the securities have really fallen in price, he buys them out at a reduced cost and fixes a profit.

For novice traders who have decided to invest in Dash, the moment associated with opening short positions remains unclear. Namely, how you can sell what you don't have. Here the trader implements the margin trading scheme. Margin trading implies such transactions in which assets are sold, provided against the security of an agreed amount (margin). With this scheme, the product is sold for the purpose of buying and returning after a while. The scheme allows you to make a profit in a situation when prices are falling. If the asset loses in value, the trader buys them at a reduced price and returns them to the broker, leaving the profit for himself.

Indicators for technical analysis
Indicators for technical analysis

Cryptocurrency trading has become hugely popular and really trendy. New cryptocurrency trading strategies and new approaches to market analysis are emerging. And if until 2015 only professionals were engaged in this, now there are more than enough amateurs on crypto-exchanges who vaguely understand what is happening, but at the same time actively spend money buying up crypto.

If you are a beginner trader who wants to start investing in Dash in the UAE, then our memo will come in handy. By following it, you can avoid obvious mistakes and prevent fatal losses.

When you have chosen a strategy for investing in Dash in the UAE, here are some valuable tips to help you stay on track.

Don't go against the market

If the main traders on the exchange have taken a downward course or there are persistent rumors that this or that crypt is declining, then you should not go against everyone. No need to buy when everyone is selling or buying when the crypto rate is clearly at its peak. Thus, you will not achieve anything and will only lose all your money.

Do not trade with the last money

If you have modest savings, then you should not drive the entire amount into a deposit. Cryptocurrency trading is always a risk and there is a possibility of losing your savings in whole or in part. Professionals advise you to put up for auction an amount that does not exceed three days' earnings. Losing this money will not shock you or cause life change.

The main strategy in the market is trading with a cold mind!

Forget scalping if your foreign exchange assets are small

Scalping is a very popular strategy used by both beginners and seasoned professionals. But you shouldn't trade it if the volatility of the coin is very low on the cryptocurrency exchange or there are no sell orders. Your bet will simply not work, and you will be left with a purchased crypt in your hands.

Dash trading conditions
Dash trading conditions

Do not use the entire amount of the deposit at once

Having spent the entire deposit, you will not be able to react to the market and will only have to follow one tactic "Buy and hold". It is best to divide the existing deposit into five parts: 50%, 15%, 15%, 10% and 10%. It will be correct to invest most of the amount in a crypt from the top five of the rating.

Record all your transactions

You should not rely on your memory when trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Some strategies (in particular scalping) involve hundreds of trades per day. There are many programs that help you trade Dash and record the strategies you are working on.

Trading strategies act as a framework with rules to make it easier to invest in Dash or trade in any specific markets with specific intentions. These rules help mitigate risk and trade effectively based on rules rather than emotions. So good luck! We wish you a successful investment!

Is it safe to invest in Dash online? 

One of the most confidential peer-to-peer networks is Dash, a cryptocurrency built from the source code of BTC, but significantly surpasses the underlying asset in privacy and network bandwidth.

Is Dash a good investment?

Initially, darkcoin, as the Dash currency was previously called, was not popular with professional traders and was in the shadow of Bitcoin. But thanks to its peculiarities, it gradually began to attract attention and entered the TOP-50 of the most demanded digital coins.

Should traders invest in Dash? 

Dash is a complete solution for fast and anonymous payments. This cryptocurrency is truly decentralized and has an active, developed community. In November 2018, the network broke a record by processing 3.5 million transactions per day. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have found applied application as a means of payment.

How to buy Dash in the UAE right now? 

Dash : current news on the Investment platform
Dash : current news on the Investment platform

If you decide to buy Dash through one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, then you need to create your account on the crypto wallet, following the following recommendations:

  • Log into your account on the exchange only from your computer and with a VPN enabled;
  • Don't use public Wi-Fi. Hackers can specifically organize a point to intercept your traffic and use it for their own purposes;
  • Think about your savings. If something happens to you, loved ones should know how they can access your savings.

If you want to start making profit in the market through the CFD brokerage platform, then follow the simple registration and deposit procedure to buy Dash in the UAE. With the help of CFDs, you can earn on the "predictions" of the behavior of the rate of the cryptocurrency CFD. To do this, the investor needs to place a bet on which direction the asset price will go.

The method of investment must first of all be chosen based on the amount of free time and money that you want to spend on making a profit. Go ahead, successful bidding!

Despite the fact that crypto trading is still very young, it is a profitable business and has clear prospects for further growth. The main thing is not to trade with the last money, not to play against the market and invest the entire deposit in one currency. Choose a Dash trading strategy using our tips and you will surely get rich! Try it and you will definitely succeed!

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