What is Bybit?

Bybit is a young cryptocurrency exchange focused on trading perpetual derivative contracts for cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of up to x100. Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform was founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the financial sector. Founded by former bankers and early cryptocurrency investors, Bybit's main goal is to provide traders around the world with convenient, understandable and essential tools. Every trader, whether a beginner or an experienced player, a modest enthusiast with a small depot or an institutional, a large investor or “market maker”, will find on this exchange everything he needs for comfortable, liquid, fast, transparent and most importantly profitable trading in the cryptocurrency market. The experience of the creators of the platform helped to protect it from disruptions. During the entire period of operation of the crypto exchange, not a single serious technical problem has been recorded, including periods of increased workload. Trading in derivatives by Bybit derivatives trading platform is gaining momentum. Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in the UAE are becoming more popular.

Bybit derivatives trading platform
Bybit derivatives trading platform

What are crypto derivatives?

Derivatives are an integral part of finance: they are highly sophisticated financial instruments used by advanced or technical investors. Investors, corporations and governments use derivatives to protect their exposure to risk and asset price volatility. Professional traders can now develop sophisticated trading strategies. With the help of crypto derivatives, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to buy them directly. Bybit derivatives are becoming more and more popular in the UAE.

How do cryptocurrency derivatives work? Let's take a closer look.

Parties: the buyer and the platform on which crypto derivatives are traded enter into an agreement to buy or sell an asset under certain conditions. All details of the transaction are recorded in the contract.

It is important to clarify that a whole group of financial instruments with their own characteristics is hidden under the term crypto derivatives. They are united by a common principle - the formation of agreements on a deal, which, in fact, will take place in the future.

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

In addition to the usual asset trading, there is an opportunity to use various financial instruments on the crypto market. The experts explained in what cases derivative financial instruments (derivatives) can reduce risks and increase profit from investments in cryptocurrency. Crypto derivatives are essentially an agreement between a buyer and a seller for the future value of a digital asset. The participants in this transaction do not own the underlying asset for which the agreement is drawn up. 

A crypto derivatives exchange is an online platform that makes it easy to trade crypto assets.

Derivatives for such highly volatile assets as cryptocurrency should be used only after a careful study of the instruments themselves and how they work, otherwise there is a high risk of not only completely losing funds, but also going into a deep minus.

Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

In normal cryptocurrency trading, a trader has several limitations. First, he can only make money in one way - buy cheaper and sell more expensive when the asset rises in price.

Derivatives provide an opportunity to make money not only on growth, but also on a fall in prices.

Secondly, the trader's profit in normal trading is limited by the capital available to him. If it is small, then you will be able to earn a little.

Derivatives make it possible to trade with leverage. This is when a trader takes additional funds from the exchange against the security of the balance in his account. For example, x10 leverage increases your income 10 times. But such trading increases the risk of losing the collateral, that is, the trader's balance. With the usual purchase or sale of cryptocurrency on the exchange, there are no such risks, but it will not be possible to increase profits several times. Derivative cryptocurrencies of Bybit in the UAE are becoming more and more relevant.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in the UAE
Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in the UAE

There are various types of cryptocurrency derivatives in the digital asset market. We propose to consider the most popular of them.

  • Cryptocurrency futures are contracts that contain obligations to sell or buy an asset in a predetermined volume at a specific price. The financial instrument allows you to protect investors from the negative consequences of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the asset of interest. There are various futures on the market. Many popular platforms, including Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, are involved in digital asset-based futures trading.

Many market participants view cryptocurrency futures as a tool for predicting the future behavior of asset prices.

  • Cryptocurrency options are a contract that gives the buyer the right to purchase (call option) or sell (put option) cryptocurrency in a predetermined time period at a certain price. You can make money on cryptocurrency options if the price of the asset to which they are tied moves in the direction predicted by the buyer.
  • Perpetual contracts. When a trader opens them, he predicts a certain value of the cryptocurrency in the future. If the forecast is confirmed, profit will be added from the difference in price between the opening and closing of the contract. At the same time, you can make money both on the growth and fall of the exchange rate. The trader himself determines at what point to close the contract - therefore, they are called indefinite. Such derivatives are divided into subtypes (Perpetual USDT is a contract for the difference in price between USDT and various cryptocurrencies. For trading, the trader uses the USDT stablecoin, that is, profit and loss will be in it. not a stablecoin, but a cryptocurrency).
  • Swaps are a trade and financial operation or a temporary exchange of any assets in the course of trading on an exchange. Some people think that for a private trader, a swap is a payment for a broker's services, when an open position is rolled over to the next day, that is, it always carries a loss. In fact, a swap can be plus sign and can generate a certain amount of income. From the point of view of a newcomer who is not connected with trading on the exchange, the action looks absolutely meaningless. However, both traders pursue a very specific goal in the exchange process - to get mutual benefit. A swap helps to increase the amount of assets and hedges, that is, insures risks.
  • Forwards are perhaps one of the most interesting financial instruments. In a civilized market, it is used to protect business from unforeseen circumstances. In other circumstances, it can itself become a risk factor. To put it simply, it is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain price in the future. A forward contract, which can be linked to a specific commodity, amount, or delivery date, can be used to hedge against the negative impact of a fall in the price of the underlying asset.
Bybit traderoom
Bybit traderoom

How to trade Bybit derivatives in the UAE?

Trading Bybit crypto derivatives in the UAE is not that difficult. Initially, you will need to register and fund your account, after which you will need to familiarize yourself with the platform and choose the most optimal type of derivative for yourself. Here is the step-by-step process that a crypto trader should follow.

  • Compare the features offered by different crypto exchanges, including margin, billing period, maker / taker fees, and any applicable withdrawal limits. Choose the crypto exchange that provides the best value for the fees it charges. Reputation is also important. Bybit is one of the best cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms you should consider.
  • Open an account on a crypto exchange, fill in KYC, fund your account with fiat or crypto transfers.
  • Focus on the crypto derivatives that you are interested in trading. Understand how margin works and choose a margin rate. New investors should use minimum margins.
  • Purchase futures contracts via margin deposit.
  • Hold futures contracts until the due date. Close the position before maturity and take profit or realize losses.

Ideally, a trader should develop a plan before trading derivatives. Some exchanges offer lower fees for their own tokens, so it would be wise to use them to increase cost efficiency.

Select an account option
Select an account option

There are four groups of participants:

  • Hedgers. Hedging is an investment to eliminate the risk of future price changes. Derivative financial instruments effectively offset the risks with the corresponding underlying assets.
  • Margin traders. Margin is the collateral deposited by an investor investing in a financial instrument. Margin trading involves transactions with financial assets using borrowed funds provided by a broker.
  • Speculators. They are engaged in the most common and at the same time very risky activities, buying or selling financial instruments or assets with the expectation that their price will change in their direction in the future.
  • Arbitrageurs. Individuals or legal entities who, based on their knowledge of the situation and prices in the markets, buy on some of them and sell on others.
Derivatives account on Bybit
Derivatives account on Bybit

How to register?

Registration for Bybit is available from anywhere in the world. The process is extremely simple and takes about one minute.

  • On the main page, select the language of the site. If you entered the website address of the exchange yourself in the browser, then the language selection button is in the upper right, and if you went to the site using an affiliate link, the language selection button will be in the lower right.
  • The registration form itself is located on the main page of the site. It will need to indicate either an email address or a phone number.
  • Then you need to come up with a password. Be careful when entering your password. Bybit does not require you to enter the password again, so if you enter it with an error, Bybit will remember it with this error. Before submitting the form, it will be superfluous to click on the eye icon in the password input field and check if there were any typos when typing. Please note that if you have followed the affiliate link, then the referral code will already be entered in the registration form. If not, you can enter it yourself. If you have a referral code, you will receive an additional bonus of $ 10 after you top up your balance with 0.02 bitcoin.
  • After clicking on the "Register" button, you may need to confirm that you are not a robot: select pictures that meet certain conditions. However, the language in which these terms are formulated may differ from the language you selected for the Bybit website prior to registration.
  • After that, there is only one step left before successful registration - entering a confirmation code of six digits. If you registered using an email address, the code will be sent in a letter. And if registration was carried out by phone number, then you will receive the code in SMS.

If the code is entered correctly, the registration form will disappear from the main page of the site, and this means that the registration has been completed successfully - you are authorized on the site. Now in the upper right corner of the site you see your login: phone number or email address.

Registration form
Registration form

How is derivatives trading different from spot trading?

What are spot trading and derivatives, how do they differ, which are safer for a novice trader, and which are suitable for an experienced crypto owner?

The spot market is a market where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency instantly. Cryptocurrency, like securities and currencies, is a financial instrument.

When working, it is important to conduct additional price monitoring. Because users of crypto platforms registered on their trusted exchanges often check other possible sources of where to buy crypto coins. It is important to understand that the more sellers on the exchange, the lower the cost. Accordingly, purchasing power is shaped by demand. If you choose to offer on the exchange at a lower price, the option where you can sell coins later may be a site with a higher price.

Bybit trading products
Bybit trading products

It is a little more difficult to work with derivatives. Therefore, this type of trading is more suitable for professional traders who understand market movements, as well as are able to conduct high-quality technical analysis. The main difference between this market and the spot market is that it is not orders, but contracts; they are completed on time. This is a very important point, because cryptocurrency rates are constantly changing (literally every minute).  There are several derivative functions for a crypto investor.

  • The first one is to reduce the risks of losing on falling prices. Especially when it comes to large crypto owners.
  • The second function is direct earnings.

Speaking about derivatives, you need to remember that here traders are guided by prices that do not yet exist, that is, assumed ones. Trading cryptocurrencies is always a big risk, and even more so on such instruments.

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