The work of online brokers sites is that they give their users access to the market. Anyone interested in trade can conduct an analysis of online brokers and choose such a platform that will meet its needs and interests. Such a solid approach to the choice of online broker will give the user the opportunity to immersive and safely get the desired profit from commerce.

IQ Option is one of the best licensed online brokers on the Internet. It has been working since 2014. Until today, it allows investors and traders to receive income based on preferences. This site provides users with optimal and comfortable work with various assets.

For experts in the world of trade, it is enough to know that the online broker has already established itself among other users and has stability in all aspects, but this is not enough for the beginner. Before you start receiving a passive or active income, a newcomer must be attached to some efforts to study the selected site and its components.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

To start, the user must determine the asset by which he will receive the first income. As an asset, you can choose indexes, valuable metals, stocks, currency pairs, electronic money, or other platform options. IQ Option is distinguished by an extensive list of suggested assets, which makes its users more versatile if in the future they want to try another trade.

You can consider Online  Broker IQ Option the best among competitors for the novice or proficient investors. The developers guarantee reliable and profitable trading, making users confident in future success.

The IQ Option online broker provides an opportunity to earn income using various financial tools. Also, different indicators that help analyze price movements are available on the platform.

Another positive feature of this online broker is an indefinite demo account. There are fictitious funds in the account, so the user does not use their money during training and does not risk losing a real deposit due to a lack of experience. It also allows the prospective trader to learn all aspects of trading without rushing and choose an effective trading strategy.

And the main reason why the online broker IQ Option can be considered the best among other platforms is the low minimum deposit, which is only $ 10. Thanks to the small amount of the initial deposit, absolutely any user can start making a profit right now. Just register in the IQ Option.

Benefits of the IQ Option Platform
Benefits of the IQ Option Platform

How to deposit in IQ Option?

The initial deposit is only $ 10, that definitely attracts most users with their availability. The developers thus give traders and investors the opportunity to increase the deposit through assets trade.

To replenish the deposit, first of all the user will need to go through the registration process. It is enough just to visit the official site of the IQ Option, find the registration feature and fill out the necessary fields, such as password and email address. It is worth remembering that the password should be reliable and cannot be informed with third parties. Registration ends, as soon as the newcomer trader goes on the confirmation link, which he will receive in a letter to the specified mail.

The next step is necessary primarily for the security of personal data and user funds. The new user needs to complete the identity verification. On the main page of the personal account you need to go to the tab of the same name, then follow the system prompts on the monitor and fill in all the required fields. During the online verification process, the broker may ask you to provide scanned copies of some identity documents.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

Verification is a mandatory process on many trading platforms. This is because it guarantees additional security of user data, as well as confirms the age of the user.

When registration and verification is complete, you can make a deposit to the IQ Option. To do this, return to the main page and select the option "top up". These features are usually highlighted in a brighter color for ease of use. When the account replenishment tab opens, the user is given the choice of the transfer system. How to deposit in IQ Option? You can top up your IQ Option account with a bank or credit card, bank transfer or available electronic payment systems. You can also top up with the user's online wallet.

Transactions take little time, so the user can immediately go to trade.

You can choose the currency in which the trade will be carried out only before the first deposit. Therefore, it is better to think about it in advance. You can specify the amount of replenishment using ready-made templates or enter it manually in the field provided.

The important point is to choose the amount of the deposit. It is better to choose a moderately average amount, which would be in case of unsuccessful trade, so as not to be in a difficult financial situation. But it is also worth remembering that the size of the deposit will depend on the possible amount of entry into the transaction, and its size - the amount of potential profit.

Choose between multiple payment systems deposit your funds quickly and securely
Choose between multiple payment systems deposit your funds quickly and securely

Once the top-up option is selected, enter the desired amount and confirm the top-up following the system prompts. The duration of crediting can take several working banking days, although most credits are instantaneous. To make the first transactions, the user should choose low-volatility assets, so as not to spoil the first impression of a failed transaction.

The most popular ways to replenish a deposit on IQ Option

As mentioned above, the platform offers many deposit options. The most popular deposit methods are listed below.

Popular top-up options
Popular top-up options

Top up via PayPal

PayPal is an international electronic payment system, which is available in a variety of countries. Many users are familiar with this system and use it daily, making purchases and paying services.

In the Deposit Replenishment tab, the trader can choose this electronic system to replenish funds for trade.

Deposit via Neteller

The English system of electronic translations is also popular with its users, supports about 20 types of currencies and is distributed in certain countries.

This system can also be selected from the list available when replenishing the deposit. 

Important: If the user can't find the right system, they may have entered the wrong country when registering. In this case, check your account settings.

Deposit via Skrill

Another popular online money transfer system is the Skrill payment system, which allows you to securely conduct online transactions around the world. The system is reliable and convenient, available in many countries.

Deposit via Skrill
Deposit via Skrill

Deposit replenishment using Visa and MasterCard

Recharging your account with bank cards is considered to be the most popular and affordable way for most users. All you have to do is enter the card details on the payment page and confirm the debiting of funds on your card account through the banking service you use. Pay attention to the possible deduction of the commission for this service according to the tariffs of the bank servicing your account.

Bank transfer

The user can use the transaction of funds from his account, this process is as fast and convenient, but it is worth clarifying which commission is collected by the bank used.

Deposit replenishment using Visa and MasterCard
Deposit replenishment using Visa and MasterCard

Trading on IQ Option

For profitable and safe trading, there are some important points that any user, whether a beginner or an expert, needs to keep in mind. These will be useful both in the first days of trading and during subsequent trades.

The important point is that without giving in to excitement, the user should enter into a deal, thinking qualitatively about their actions and using the analysis of price movement to open a guaranteed profitable deal. There are a lot of tools and indicators on the website for this purpose.

When the user is not able to monitor the course of a deal, but has to install the necessary tools, which will do everything for him. These tools are called take profit and stop loss. Undoubtedly, experts are familiar with them. The first tool allows the broker to automatically close the trade as soon as the profit price reaches the required value. The second tool gives a signal to the broker to close the trade when the price has fallen to an acceptable loss point.

How to use stop orders
How to use stop orders

Intuitively opening trades can lead to losing your entire deposit, so experts advise using all possible ways to analyse price movements and then calmly enter the trade. There is no need to create intentional risks in trading, as the online broker IQ Option does its best to prevent losses on the part of the user.

Register on the platform, make a deposit in any convenient way and trade profitably together with IQ Optin!

Frequently asked Questions

How to make money on IQ Option?

Account replenishment is possible via electronic payment systems, bank transfer, using bank and debit cards.

The minimum amount of replenishment is 10 dollars, which makes the online IQ Option broker more popular and affordable for many users.

Replenishment through this payment system is possible, the main thing is to correctly indicate the country in the user's personal information.

At the time of writing this article, this function is not implemented by developers.

Perfect money
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose