Internet technology has become an integral part of our lives. Almost all activities have found their reflection in the virtual plane - you can now use the internet not just to find the information you need, but also to shop, book tickets and hotel rooms, take courses or track the logistics of goods, and so on. Even our usual telephone communication has been partly replaced by modern messengers.

The investment sphere has also taken on new forms - online trading through online trading platforms. Thanks to the availability of the internet and low starting amounts for online trading, investing has become more popular among the general public. Approaches, strategies and methods of investing have changed, new trading tools and even financial markets have emerged. You no longer have to physically go to a company office, exchange or bank branch to make an investment or payment and an online trading platform serves as your personal broker.

Wherever you are now, as long as you have access to the internet and a few dollars in your account to start trading, you can invest.

Like traditional investing, equities have always been and still are a popular financial instrument when trading online. Investors favour well known companies with good financial results. One such company is the American semiconductor manufacturer Nvidia.

We will talk about investing in Nvidia shares in the UAE.

Nvidia. Summary of company information

Nvidia Corporation is a US-based manufacturer of graphics processors, video adapters under the Riva TNT and GeForce brands, multimedia and communications products for PCs and game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox, and one of the largest developers of accelerators and graphics processors.

Its products are marketed under the GeForce, nForce, Quadro, Tesla, ION and Tegra brands. The company was founded in 1993. At the end of 2020, the corporation had more than 18,000 employees in more than 50 offices worldwide and generated $10.92 billion in revenue.

The company is based in Santa Clara, California (USA). Its main competitors are AMD (ATI) and Intel. The company's core business is the development and manufacture of graphics processors. NVIDIA Corporation is also engaged in development of multimedia processors and chipsets. Its solutions are used in mobile devices, game consoles, desktops and supercomputers.

A wide range of electronic products and good financial results attract many investors to the securities of this issuer.

The initial public offering of the American corporation on NASDAQ was held at the beginning of 1999. Today, the issuer's securities can be found under the ticker symbol NVDA.

Nvidia official website
Nvidia official website

How to invest in Nvidia shares in the UAE?

You can only invest online in Nvidia shares in the UAE with the help of an intermediary - a broker who works with Nvidia shares and can give you access to an online investment platform on which, in fact, all your investment transactions will take place.

When choosing a broker pay attention to the following things:

  • Reliability;
  • Reputation and experience;
  • Functionality;
  • Commissions.

When talking about reliability, we mean that the broker you choose must have all the necessary documents (licence and permits) required by UAE law to carry out intermediary activities in the stock market.

Find out what practical experience this brokerage company has in the market, what year it started its activities, what are the reviews of the company's work. Reviews can be easily found on the Internet. Ask also the opinion of market experts who have positive experience in trading online.

The brokerage company will give you access to an online trading platform to make transactions. So your next step is to evaluate the software offered by the brokers and choose the best option for you.

The platform should be user-friendly and functional. Choose a platform that provides you with analysis tools - various indicators, economic calendar, news feeds, statistics.

Good trading platforms have a news section
Good trading platforms have a news section

It is important to make sure that the information provided on the platform is complete and up-to-date, and that it is updated in real-time.

Check also if the platform has a customer support chat - it is important. It is good if tech support is available 24/7 and there is a choice of language to communicate in.

Some platforms include a chat room so you can chat with other traders.

Advanced platforms have a "Training" section with video tutorials about trading, which can be especially helpful for beginners who are just getting started in online trading.

When choosing a platform to trade with, decide what your investment objective is and this will determine your trading strategy in the online investment market.

The classic option, which is dividend investing, is not for everyone as this method requires a lot of capital. You will not be able to make a profit in such a short period of time. This method is best suited for larger investors who want to invest their capital well, insure it against depreciation and expect dividend payouts from the company's profits.

Nvidia pays a quarterly dividend to its shareholders of 1.97% per annum.

A popular alternative to dividend investing is the trading of derivatives, so-called CFDs. By their very nature, CFDs are derivative financial instruments that provide traders with the opportunity to profit from the price movements of various assets, allowing them to open long positions when asset prices are moving up and short positions when prices are moving down. Linked to the underlying asset, the value of a CFD moves in exactly the same direction as the price of the underlying asset, and is dependent on the same factors. At the same time, being much more flexible and accessible, CFDs offer many advantages over trading the underlying asset directly. A CFD simulates the profit and loss of a real trade in the purchase or sale of an asset. The contract provides the opportunity to trade the underlying market and make a profit without actually owning the asset itself.

In practice, trading such instruments is practically the same as working with real shares with a few exceptions:

  • the trader enters into a contract only for the price, he or she does not receive any ownership of the asset;
  • as a consequence, there are no dividends when buying CFDs;
  • the transaction process is only between a dealing centre (broker) and a trader.

The main condition when trading with derivatives is the ability to predict the possible rise or fall of the price. Correct forecasting gives an opportunity to gain profit even when the price decreases.

As a rule, CFD trading always involves the use of leverage. You should only use leverage if you know how it works and are confident in your calculations. You should start by trading on a demo account, before you start using leverage in trading.

To learn what a demo account is and how to register and activate it, please read below.

Buy Nvidia shares online
Buy Nvidia shares online

Registration on the trading platform

To start working with equities online, you need to register on an online investment platform. It is a very easy and standard procedure which is not particularly different from registering on any other website. All you need to do is fill in a minimum set of details about yourself, such as your first name and last name and your email address. The system will ask you to confirm your registration on the platform via a link which will be automatically sent to the email you specify. Once your email has been confirmed your profile is activated.

Later on, when you need to withdraw money from your account, you will have to go through additional verification by scanning the documents requested by the system. This is done for security purposes and to protect your funds from unauthorised access by third parties. In some cases it is also possible to use video verification.


Demo account for test operations

The system will give you the opportunity to practice on a demo account. A demo account is a free trial version of a real account, designed to test the platform and provide hands-on training in online trading. On a demo account you will see a certain amount of dummy funds, which you can use for training purposes. This demo account replicates exactly how a real account works, but because the amount is fictitious you will not lose your savings. Do not pass up this great opportunity to try and open trades on the platform with this account, as it is very good practice and completely free.

Take the opportunity to practice with a demo account
Take the opportunity to practice with a demo account

Activating a real account

When you register, a live account will be opened for real trading as well. You can fund this account to start real trading using any of the methods available on the platform. Click on "make a deposit" and you will see all the funding options available. The minimum deposit amount is usually quite small, at a few dollars. Funds are deposited almost instantly. We advise you not to start with large sums of money as long as you do not have enough experience in online trading. You should build up your turnover along with your skills and personal experience so that possible losses will not discourage you from investing right from the start.

Fund a live account to activate it
Fund a live account to activate it

To trade Nvidia shares on the platform, open the company's profile on the platform by selecting the "stocks" section and typing ticket “NVDA'' in the search box. In the section that opens, you will see a chart of Nvidia stock price fluctuations, current prices and trading schedules, and trading conditions. You will also be able to carry out technical analysis using indicators and selecting different time ranges for comparison.

How to invest in Nvidia shares in the UAE?
How to invest in Nvidia shares in the UAE?

Prospects for investing in Nvidia shares

So, to summarise the above, we can see that investing in Nvidia shares in the UAE can be done by anyone with a minimum of start-up capital and the desire to get into the complex world of investing.

What do you need to do? Find a reliable broker that works with Nvidia shares, register on the online share trading platform that the chosen broker offers to work with, open an account and make a purchase.

Current information on Nvidia shares
Current information on Nvidia shares

What can influence the price of Nvidia shares? The main factor affecting the share price of the American corporation is the intensive development of the computer games industry. It is the increased demand for video cards produced under brands owned by NVIDIA Corporation by computer gamers that has led to a shortage of these products on the market. The availability of graphics cards in short supply and the ability to sell the products at high prices has led to an increase in revenue and profits of the American corporation. All this has a positive effect on the value of Nvidia stock in the medium or even long term.

Nvidia securities are an asset with high growth potential. If market conditions are favourable, they can generate good profits.

So, it is possible to invest in Nvidia shares in the UAE even with a small start-up capital and without visiting the company's office. All you need is access to the Internet and, of course, a great desire to become a successful trader.

If you have been interested in investing for a long time, but you felt that investing was out of your reach, then now you have a unique opportunity to try yourself as a trader by opening a free demo account.

Open a demo account and try for yourself how easy it is to trade online today!

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