The modern world can't be imagined without Internet technologies. Modern innovative processes have penetrated the world of commerce, the area of service and solutions, training and ordinary communication.

The topic of investment wasn't left aside either. Now, having access to the world wide web, you can detect the wide world of stock trading, delve into the essentials of the stock exchange and be ready as an investor from the comfort of your own home. Even if you reside in a small town of the UAE, all you will need is internet and a minimum beginning amount of a few bucks.

Today we'll take a look at how to put money into Uber the UAE stocks.

Uber's first name was UberCab. The company started its activities in 2009. The business is based in San Francisco, California. Uber provides intermediary services for passengers and flights, clients and food companies. Today the brand is reflected in over 600 cities and 76 countries around the world.

The company's products are : online platforms (mobile applications and site ) in the field of transportation services: taxi service, freight transportation (Uber Freight), food delivery (Uber Eats). Uber is also developing a bike and bicycle rental company, and has ambitions to make a fleet of autonomous (self-driving) taxis and air taxis.

Uber official website
Uber official website

Uber's IPO (public lending of the organization's shares on the stock market ) happened on May 10, 2019, but not very positive market conditions reduced the original offering price of $45 per share. As of September 13, 2019, Uber's share price has decreased more than 20% to $33.25.

The company ended 2018 with yearly earnings growth of $11.3 billion, up 43 percent from the previous year. In the end of 2018, the Uber system had over 30 million monthly users. On account of this worldwide pandemic and, consequently, reduced demand for the company's services, the last year has not been an easy one for Uber.

Summing up the consequences of 2020, the business reported a small comeback in the amount of taxi service trips along with a 130% increase in delivery solutions. Uber posted lower-than-expected declines, but failed to achieve earnings estimates. Uber is likewise not yet committing any forecasts for 2021 because of the doubt of macro conditions on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In areas where the incidence has dropped significantly, the business said there is a quick recovery in demand, although some business travel is predicted to be lost as many office workers have moved into telework from home. At the same time, Uber has made amazing strides, with all new acquisitions, developing partnerships and subscription programs promising more earnings and gains in 2021.

Uber reported a fourth-quarter loss per share of $ 0.54, down 16 percent from this past year and slightly better than analysts' estimate of $ 0.55 loss per share.

Uber's shares
Uber's shares

Total revenue fell 21% to $ 3.2 billion, below the $ 3.58 billion average analyst estimate.For all 2020, Uber's revenue declined 14 percent to $11.14 billion, but the company was able to cut losses by 20 percent...

Though the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a large blow to Uber's global cab industry, it has also accelerated the growth of other Uber Eats food delivery businesses and Uber Freight freight delivery companies.

The Uber administration mentioned that the organization's delivery company more than doubled in a year to almost $44 billion.

In Q4, total bookings from the Delivery segment were up 130% , while Uber Freight was up 43%. The amount of cab rides decreased by just half of the year's worth, but enhanced compared to the previous quarter. The business also stated that Uber Eats surpassed 600,000 restaurants in the fourth quarter, with the addition of Union Square Hospitality Group, Chipotle UK, Wings Etc. and lots of others.

Uber is ramping up its non-food supply, also at the fourth quarter it succeeds with retailers like H&M in Canada and Seiyu grocery and department stores in Japan. Membership applications: Uber Pass, Eats Pass and Postmates Unlimited, which offer discounts and bonuses however, need a monthly subscription, have increased to 5 million members and currently have membership programs in 16 nations. Uber also completed the sale of its Didi stocks for about $207 million.

Before this month, Uber announced a deal to acquire the alcohol shipping app Drizly, which the firm plans to integrate with Uber Eats, its food delivery service. As of the date of this writing, Uber's share price is $57.68 and remains positive. 

How to invest in Uber shares?
How to invest in Uber shares?

How to invest in Uber shares in the UAE? 

Uber is a relatively new business on the stock exchange. It only went public on May 10, 2019 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). To invest in Uber stocks, you will need a certified intermediary - a broker who works with those shares.

How to buy Uber stocks?
How to buy Uber stocks?

To Select a good broker, focus on these things:

  •  whether the broker is accredited by renowned regulatory authorities to engage in brokerage activities;
  •  availability of a professional site with all the Essential information,
  •  accessibility of comments for consultations,
  •  affordable trading requirements with a wide range of trading instruments;
  •  accessibility to technical indicators for analyzing stock price changes;
  •  access to free educational materials;
  •  rate of query execution;
  •  availability of various available methods for withdrawing funds.

No dividend is paid on Uber shares. Technically, this can be justified by the fact that all proceeds go to active growth and growth of the corporation. This practice has a right to exist and has proven its efficacy over once.

Therefore, a popular method of investing in Uber is CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading, where you trade the difference in cost per share between the opening and closing times of a trade. That is, you have to be able to forecast a possible rise or fall in the value of stocks in the market. In cases like this, you may get gain just together with the correct forecast of the behaviour of the share price.

Most online platforms, when choosing the kind of CFD trading, allow you to utilize the"multiplier" choice, with which you can expand the spent amount in accord with the chosen multiplier coefficient.

But, do not forget that trading by means of a multiplier, on the 1 hand, allows you to multiply your possible profit, but, on the other hand, conveys more risks of losing funds.

Share purchase platform
Share purchase platform

How to buy Uber shares in the UAE? 

To get started with stocks on the internet, register in an online investment platform given by the brokerage firm. Registration is quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes. Go to the site, click on the registration button, fill in all the particulars of the registration form, indicating the right email address. After that, the system will automatically send the confirmation link to the specified e-mail, you have to confirm your mail and then can start working on the platform.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

You'll be motivated to begin on a free demo account. The platform automatically credits a certain quantity of fictitious funds to this account so that you can execute your first trial operations without the risk of losing actual money. Generally, the quantity of fictitious cash is 10,000 (this amount may differ on various programs ) and this amount is more than sufficient to practice in the beginning. In case it turns out the training operations were unsuccessful and you do not have enough fictitious funds, in most cases you can renew them and try again.

The worth of a demonstration account could hardly be overestimated. It's an exact replica of the real account, the only difference is that your actual funds will already be on the real account. Thus, with a demo account, you can clearly see how the platform works: how to buy or sell stocks, how to enable a specific purpose, as an example, stop loss or multiplier, and the like. At precisely the same time, you do not risk your personal funds.

Naturally, you can't withdraw cash from a demo account.

Naturally, you can't withdraw cash from a demo account.
Naturally, you can't withdraw cash from a demo account.

To begin real trading on the stage, deposit the sum into a live account. This may be done using a bank or any of those payment systems indicated on the platform. The minimum amount for replenishing a true account is mainly $10. This makes it feasible to begin trading even without having a lot of capital.

In any situation, you need to always remember that trading is a risky business, so when you don't have sufficient expertise, start with small amounts so that in case of a failed transaction you will not incur significant financial losses. Usually, you are able to withdraw funds from your account in the exact same way as to top up with the exact same payment approaches or bank card.

Payment methods for investment
Payment methods for investment

How to invest successfully online? 

Investing is a rather complex process. In order to invest effectively, creating a profit, not a reduction, it isn't sufficient to simply study the job of the stock market. It is well worth remembering that the company's share price is affected by a number of external factors that must be taken into account when investing, like the political scenario in the country, international economic relations and financial legislation from the nation, the global economy, global political trends, etc.. It is also worth paying attention to whether the present product or service is produced by this company, whether it plans to expand further, or, conversely, will close. It makes sense to follow the news about the companies in which you would like to invest. At precisely the exact same time, we advise you to use only verified sources of information.

So, summarizing all of the above, let us single out where to start investing:

  •  find a decent online agent;
  •  enroll on the platform for online investing;
  •  open a demo account;
  •  get acquainted with educational materials online;
  •  try to trade using a free online account;
  •  follow political and economic news in the country;
  •  follow the news on a worldwide scale to comprehend global trends.

Like any other activity generally, investing necessitates a comprehensive passion for the procedure. If you would like to be a successful investor, you have to make learning about market trends your everyday habit.

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